Waters ZQ 2000 LCMS

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The Waters Micromass ZQ 2000 is a robust, single quadrupole mass spectrometer. This highly sensitive system has a mass range (amu) up to 2000 daltons; easily qualify and quantify small molecules in a flash. Both inlet probes are quickly and easily interchangeable without breaking vacuum. Flow rates allowed are 5-1000 µl/min (ESI) and 200-2000 µl/min (APCI).

The ZQ-2000 offers the advantages of an embedded PC, a primary advantage being fast signal processing. The ZQ is able to scan at 5000 Dalton/second, a real advantage for LC/MS applications. Fast scanning allows the acquisition of more data points per second, resulting in better peak shape, better integration and better reproducibility.


  • Air Cooled System
  • Mass Range 2000 amu
  • Small Footprint (15.3? x 23.1? x 32.0?)
  • ZSpray™ dual orthogonal sampling interface provides unsurpassed sensitivity
  • Vertically mounted liquid inlet probes to minimize tube length and peak dispersion
  • Software-controlled, integrated syringe pump for easy calibration, tuning and sample infusion
  • Digital control of source gas flow rates
  • Software controlled divert valve/manual injection valve
  • Differentially pumped vacuum system featuring singular air-cooled, split flow turbomolecular pump technology

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Weight 400 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 48 in


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