Persee L600 HPLC

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Persee L600 HPLC


  • HPLC High Pressure Binary Pump
  • HPLC Variable Wavelength UV/Vis Detector
  • HPLC Heat Thermostatted Column Compartment
    for 1 Column
  • HPLC Auto Sampler
  • HPLC 2 Channel Degasser & Solvent Tray

The pump heads have been machined using a first-class CNC process; the innovative structural design achieves minimum pressure fluctuation.

Consequently, stable flow, low noise and overall quality provide the foundation for reliable results.

LCWin software offers complete control, powerful data processing, reporting functions, and intelligent diagnostic systems.

The included maintenance utility helps to ensure a complete and flexible software solution for your analytical work.

The L600 is a high performance yet cost-effective solution. The modular design ensures that you can configure the system to meet your application requirements.

A dedicated team of product specialists will provide technical support and provide an applications development service.

Key Features

  • Same specifications as popular HPLC
  • Excellent reliability and stability
  • Modular design enables flexible configurations
  • Automatic data save in the event of accidental power off
  • Optional UVD, DAD, FLD, RID and ELSD

Additional information

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 36 in


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