Certified Pre-Owned / Refurbished

No matter your specific laboratory equipment requirements, Prodigy Scientific offers multiple products and brands you can count on. These quality brands will hold up and provide proper scientific research results regardless of being previously used. 

If you are looking for refurbished, certified pre-owned lab equipment at a fair price, Prodigy Scientific has the products for you. Our top manufacturers provide reputable brands you will feel good about having in your lab. A few of the brands Prodigy Scientific offers within the refurbished lab equipment category include: Agilent, GA Akta, Leap Technologies, Sciex, Thermo Scientific, Waters Alliance and Shimadzu.

A variety of high-quality technical instrumentation is often costly. Prodigy Scientific believes in affordable pricing. We are able to offer competitive prices for the same high-quality technical equipment as other companies by purchasing used products from laboratory liquidations. Although this lab equipment may have been previously used, Prodigy Scientific maintains high-rated compliance and product value with proper repairs and maintenance before selling to the public.

Prodigy Scientific’s qualified technicians, engineers, and specialty scientists provide the support you need by helping you choose the instrumentation that corresponds with your unique scientific requirements. These qualified professionals are trained in chemistry, life science, toxicology, and other related categories. 

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